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    The countdown to our flower festival has started! Fabulous floral displays on the theme of our Wonderful World. It's in Chedgrave Church over the Bank Holiday weekend, 10am-5pm. Plant stall on Saturday from 10-12 noon; lots of herbs and other plants. Floating flower competition open to all under 16 years of age. Delicious refreshments available all weekend including Ploughmans Lunches on Monday between 12 and 2pm. Concert by members of Libricini (including your very own Rev Alison Ball!) at 6pm on Saturday with a glass of wine for ticket holders at 5.30pm.


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    The Chet Valley Churches are a group of worshipping communities centred around the River Chet in south Norfolk. Our churches range from a tiny thatched church to a huge 15th century building, and our styles of worship vary too.


    Like many rural churches, service times are not always the same every week, so if you’re planning to visit us, check out the calendar to see what’s on.


    Our Sunday services encompass both traditional and contemporary styles. Some follow the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), or current versions of the Holy Communion service while others are aimed at being more family friendly, in particular All Together Worship and Xpressions Café.


    To find out more about the Church week by week, have a browse through the website, or click on the link at the top of this page to find our Weekly News.


    On the rest of the site we'll be telling you about who we are and what's going on. We hope that you'll like what you find and come and join us for some of the events. To make things easy to start with, here are the main services which are pretty standard for each month. It is worth checking on the calendar however,  to see if there are any changes like on a fifth Sunday.


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  • The Churches and their main services

    Please note if there is a Festival that the pattern of services vary. On a 5th Sunday there is usually a united service and all the church congregations come together. Do check out the Calendar

    Loddon, Holy Trinity, & St John's Chapel

    This is an Ecumenical congregation made up of Anglican & Methodists who joined together about 30 years ago - referred to as the Church in Loddon.

    1st Sunday  10.45 a.m.                   Holy Communion (Common Worship)

    2nd Sunday 10.45 a.m.                   Morning Worship

    3rd Sunday  10.45 a.m.                   Holy Communion

    4th Sunday   10.45 a.m.                  Morning Worship

    Last Sunday   6.30pm for 7              Last Sunday Praise @ St John's

    Chedgrave, All Saints

    1st Sunday in each month All Saints hosts  Xpressions cafe. This is a very informal and relaxed  event  designed to help people explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and non threatening way. It starts with coffee, although you don't have to go to anything else if you simply want to hang out with coffee and chat. (10.00 a.m. -12 noon). It is preceded by an informal service of Holy Communion at 9 a.m.

    2nd Sunday   9.30 a.m.       Holy Communion (BCP)

    3rd Sunday    09.30 a.m      All Together Worship;    moves to

                       11.00 a.m       in June, September, January & March

                                           so as to be followed by a shared lunch

    4th Sunday    9.30 a.m        Holy Communion (Common Worship)

    Hardley, St Margaret's

    2nd Sunday  8.00 a.m.        Holy Communion (Common Worship) NB 9.00am from July

    4th Sunday 10.30 a.m.        Morning Worship

    Sisland, St Mary's

    1st Sunday   8.00 a.m.        Holy Communion (BCP)

    3rd Sunday   6.00 p.m.        Evening Prayer (BCP)

    Langley, St Michael's

    This Church is largely used by the adjacent school for its assemblies. Occasional services take place and will be advertised when they occur.

    Hales, St Margaret's and Heckingham, St Gregory's

    Both these Churches are redundant however when there is a service such as on their patronal Saints day it will be advertised